Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Triple the Bling!

Due to extreme amounts of Big Buck Safari tournament play across America, Play Mechanix has announced that they've TRIPLED the prize pool for the next National Tournament!

That means between the Big Buck Pro and Big Buck Safari National Tournaments, there's well over $5,000 available in cold, hard caaaaash.

Not to mention the many local tournaments currently running, offering even more cash and prizes.

Now don't forget that there are 10 Easter Eggs hidden in this months Big Buck Safari National Tournament.

Triple the prizes with 10 hidden secrets... that is one pimped out tournament.

Trip, Trip, Trip-le the Bling!

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Great Easter Egg Hunt

Looks like we're going to have some fun with this month's Big Buck Safari National Tournament. This month's tournament, The Great Easter Egg Hunt, features one Hidden Easter Egg at every site!

Now before you start looking for brightly colored eggs under every tree, remember that in video games, an Easter Egg refers to a hidden secret. So were not looking for those striped eggs you used to make with your mum, were looking for Hidden Secrets.

Now it just so happens, that we here at the porch have been faithfully and dutifully recording hidden secrets (i.e. Easter Eggs) in Big Buck Safari and Big Buck Hunter Pro. If you look at the sidebar of this blog, up near the top, you can see a list of the Easter Eggs that we've already identified for you.

So write them down, go out to your favorite Big Buck Safari (online) location, and play the national tournament (starts April 1st), and find all the hidden easter eggs.
Oh and don't write them on your hand, because it's hard to shoot one-handed.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Big Buck Legends: Viva Lost Vegans

The legend of Big Buck Hunter continues to reach out to all corners of the earth and across all divisions of mankind. The lure and addiction of Big Buck crosses all ages, creeds, nations and culinary preferences.

None can resist the lure of the orange and green guns.

Andy Lin, of New York, NY, tells how the craze has even found fertile ground in the vegan movement.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Hunt for BUCK$

In these difficult economic times, there's more good news coming out of Play Mechanix. There are a number of new tournaments running in Minnesota and Oregon.
Now you can earn cash monies while you play your favorite game!

Luck of the Buck Tournament
(Multiple Locations across Minnesota)
Big Buck Hunter Pro
Runs Thru April 12th
Top Prize: iPod Touch 8GB

Safari Madness Tournament
(Multiple Locations across Minnesota)
Big Buck Safari
Runs Thru April 26th
Top Prize: 32" LCD TV

Jackalope Adventure Tournament
(Multiple Locations in Portland, OR)
Big Buck Hunter Pro
Runs Thru May 15th
Top Prize $100

Deer Nuts or Beer Nuts Tournament
(Multiple Locations in Portland, OR)
Big Buck Safari
Runs Thru May 15th
Top Prize $100

In addition, the Big Buck Hunter Pro National Tournament & Big Buck Safari National Tournament continues to run at ALL online locations across America.

For more information, addresses or Google Maps, check out http://www.bigbuckhunter.com/ and http://www.bigbucksafari.com/

Monday, March 9, 2009

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Big Buck Safari - Easter Egg (Part IX)

1) Choose the African Buffalo Adventure
2) On the third trek, go to the 1st site (top row - left)
3) When the scene starts, shoot the small stubby branch at the base of the tree.