Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Unlocking Secret Modes in Big Buck Hunter

The Player Options Menu is only available when you log-in to play a Trophy Club game.

1) Start a 'Trophy Club' game.

2) Log-in to your Player Account

3) When the 'Welcome To Trophy Club' screen appears...

4) Point the gun at the screen, pull PUMP and TRIGGER at the same time

5) If the game is currently able to connect with the CoinUp database, and can verify your account, then the 'Player Options' menu should come up.

6) TRIGGER to scroll, PUMP to select (This seems backwards to some)

7) You can select ALTERNATE DOES (transform all does in the scene to other objects (bears, cows, UFOs or Pappys) - or - you can select BUCK POKER (get 1 card for each deer killed in a site, best hand wins)

8) Enjoy... impress your friends.

NOTE: Hunter Hero & Tournament scores will NOT be accepted if using ALTERNATE don't even try.


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