Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NYMag Crowns Alex DerHohannesian

In a recent web feature, New York Magazine selected Alex DerHohannesian as 'da Champ' of the New York City Big Buck players (No doubt based on his recent appearance HERE at Porch).

You are definitely the best looking of that crowd.

We are always interested in collecting people's strategies and tips to pass on to other players. Pappy particularly liked your quote:

"It’s all about getting the right buzz, where I’m not that sober but I’m not totally sauced. You’ve got to capture and embrace that perfect four-to-seven-beer level."

- Alex DerHohannesian

We all appreciate the advice, ... although I'm not sure your mom is going to want to cut out that quote and pin it up on the fridge.


Newly-crowned Alex must have found that perfect four-to-seven-beer level last night as he just posted a massive 35,025 pt score on the Big Buck Safari National Trny "Tourney of Doom" to put him atop the leaderboard. His score was high enough and apparently so was he.

Monday, May 18, 2009

World Championship - Promo Video

Check out the Promo Video for the Big Buck Hunter Pro World Championships. It talks about the 2008 Championships and begins to lay the ground for the 2009 World Championships.

Stay tuned for more details!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Michael Jastrzembski breaks the Tie

(Yes, we know these guys aren't as fun to look at as the doublemint twins...)

Michael Jastrzembski has broken the tie with Steven Guenther by surging ahead to 24540 pts and with a (seemingly) comfortable lead of 541 points in this months Big Buck Hunter Pro National Tournament.

He must have been using some of our tournament scoring tips.


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Double Header - Double Vision

When you look at the current leaderboard for the Big Buck Hunter Pro Nat'l Tourney 'Double Header' you may think you are seeing double.

The first place and second place players currently have the EXACT same score of 23999. Michael Jastrzembski of Rochester, NY and Steven Guenther of Corpus Christi, TX after shooting 30 deer, 2 bonuses, and multiple critters, both have the identical score, down to the last point!

What happens in the case of an exact tie? In Big Buck tournaments, accuracy is the tie breaker. So in this case Michael's accuracy of 72% puts him above Steven's 59% accuracy.

And so the moral of the story is 'keep up your accuracy!' You never know when it's going to make the difference. In this case, it's the difference between $500 prize and $250 prize.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Calling Australian Citizens

As you may recall, we at Pappy's Porch have always felt that Big Buck Hunter and Big Buck Safari are training people to be better citizens.

This is proven true once again in a small town in the outback of Australia. A recent Times Online article has chronicled how this small town has been invaded by Giant Spiders. The article reports how the desperate town has resorted to expensive methods of pest control to try and deal with the problem.

The more obvious solution would, of course, be to bring bus in the top 10 Australian Big Buck Safari players, equip them with orange and green painted shotguns and turn them loose for a real-life 'Tarantula Bonus'.

How do the makers of Big Buck select what bonuses they are going to create for Big Buck games? It's obvious that they simply ask "what shooting skills would best benefit humanity", and let that be their guide.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Double Crown Winner

For the first time the same player has won the Big Buck Hunter Pro National Tourney AND the Big Buck Safari National Tourney in the same month!

Steven Guenther of San Antonio, TX won both National Tournaments last month.

Steven, that's $1000 of prize money headed your way, congratulations and Good Luck!