Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Easter Egg (Part IV)

1) Choose the Wildebeest Adventure.

2) On the first trek, go to the 5th site (that's the one in the lower right).

3) When the scene starts, shoot the smaller of the rocks on the left.

4) Shout 'Woot!... Woot!".


  1. What happened to Easter Egg II?
    We need to get all the hidden bonuses and shrunken head locations neatly in one place. There are probably a lot more than five.

  2. Although from different places, but this perception is consistent, which is relatively rare point!
    nike dunk

  3. I found one on trek 2, first frame. There is a cluster of rocks on the middle-left hand side of the screen, and I shot just to the right of that and I got a shrunken head. I have not been able to replicate it. It is somewhere on or around that rock cluster.

  4. Hidden bonus on trek 2 is frame 1, bottom rock of the cluster of rocks in the upper-left portion of the screen.