Tuesday, July 28, 2009

New Tournament Types! - Cumulative Kills

Rack 'em up!
The more the merrier with Cumulative Kills Tournaments

Maybe you're not a world-class sharpshooter like Big Buck Legends Jerad Berg, Alex Derhohannesian, Steve Guenther or Michael Jastrzembski. Maybe you just love having a pitcher of beer with friends and playin a few rounds of Big Buck with your 5 favorite sexy barmaids hunting party. Well, Cumulative Kills Tournaments are for you!

Cumulative Kills Tournaments keep track of your total cumulative bucks killed over the course of the tournament. You don't need to get a zillion points, just keep racking up kills. Each time you play a cumulative kills tournament game, all your bucks killed are added to your running total. The more you play, the higher your total. Don't worry if you miss a critter or two, just keep rackin' the bucks up!

There's no such thing as a bad day to hunt!
So play more, shoot more & win more with cumulative kills tournaments.

This year the 2009 Big Buck Safari World Championship Qualifying Tournament will be a cumulative kills style tournament. Click here to find out what region you are in, and where to start playing!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Texas partys Big Buck Style

Texas is the next stop for the Big Buck Hunter Party bus!

So for all you Big Buck Texans, time to set aside your 5-star chili and 10-gallon hats, git on your horse and make a b-line to one of our 3 Big Buck Parties in the Lone Star State

The Party Schedule:

Thursday, July 23rd at Coaches in Houston, TX.
Friday, July 24th at Mulligan's in San Antonio, TX.
Saturday, July 25th at Lavaca St. Bar in Austin, TX.

"Git my gun, Ma!"

Monday, July 20, 2009

New Tournament Types! - King of the Hill

Are you tired of competing against the top Big Buck players in the nation?
Do you feel like you have no chance of winning a prize?

If so, then Play Mechanix has introduced the perfect Big Buck tournament for you.
Play Mechanix has created a new style of tournament called 'King of the Hill'.
In a 'King of the Hill' style tournament, you don't compete against every player in the country, you only compete against the other players at your favorite location.

Perhaps you don't feel you stand a chance against some of the crackshots from across the country, but you know you can beat the stiffs at your own watering hole. Well this is the tournament for you. In a 'King of the Hill' tournament, the top score from each location wins a prize.

So if 5 people play a 'King of the Hill' tournament at your bar, the top player on that machine will win a prize.

Now you can't run all over town and get a first place score on every machine, because you can only win at one location (whatever location has your highest place).

Now everyone has a shot at winning a prize!

King of the Hill Tournaments:

Greater Minneapolis / St. Paul Area - Click HERE for locations

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Washington parties Big Buck Style!

Calling all Washingtonians:

Big Buck is coming to the northwest to PARTY!!

So put down your Starbucks, granola and wool socks and get over here.

The Schedj:

Thursday, July 9th at Grand Ave Ale House in Bellingham, WA.

Friday, July 10th at O'Malley's in Tacoma, WA.

Saturday, July 11th at Bleacher's in Seattle, WA.

All parties are 8PM to 11PM

Git my gun, Ma!

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

2009 World Championships - Coming Soon!

Keep watching....

The 2009 World Championships are coming up for Big Buck Hunter® Pro and Big Buck Safari®.

The Regional Online Qualifying Tournaments start on August 1st and run through August 29th.

There will be a separate World Championship for each game title and there is a top prize of $10,000 each.

There will be a grand total of over $70,000 given away throughout the tournaments.

The country will be broken down into 8 regions and the tournaments will kickoff on August 1st with Online Regional Qualifying Tournaments.

Stay tuned for more for details!!