Monday, December 22, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Easter Egg (Part IV)

1) Choose the Wildebeest Adventure.

2) On the first trek, go to the 5th site (that's the one in the lower right).

3) When the scene starts, shoot the smaller of the rocks on the left.

4) Shout 'Woot!... Woot!".

OMG! Don't shoot Rudolph!!

Here's a little nugget of Christmas Cheer for all you big buck players out there. In the latest version of Big Buck Hunter Pro (version 1.00.06 but who's counting?), there's a new Christmas easter egg.

If you play any sort of online game between Dec 24th and Dec 31st, all the Caribou will have red noses.

See, Caribou and Reindeer are actually the same species (Rangifer tarandus). But you can't really call it 'Reindeer' in the Adventure Select screen. All the kids would cry.

Anyhoo, now while you're at your favorite Big Buck location, toasting your friends with a steamy mug of Christmas glog, you can enjoy some Big Buck Hunter with new rosy Christmas cheer.

What's that you say? Shooting Rudolph isn't very Christmas-y? ...Bah Humbug? NO, see, you're thinking of this all wrong. That's not Rudolph you're shooting. See, all the other mean reindeer are mocking Rudolph.

Remember how they wouldn't let him 'play in any reindeer games'? Well now you can avenge Rudolph. Or wait..., I know, pretend they're zombies, you know, like in that movie 28 days...they're coming to kill Santa & the elves, and you have to save Christmas.

Never mind, just play it.

If the online game you are playing doesn't have it yet, try again later. The new software might not have downloaded to that machine yet.

Friday, December 19, 2008

PlayMechanix launches!

PlayMechanix, Inc has just launched !
Much like, now players can find online Big Buck Safari games near you, and find Big Buck Safari tournaments near you as well.

Additionally, now the leaderboards show the player's picture as well. So now it's time for all you players to put up a picture on your player account!

To add a picture to your player account:

1) go to (note: soon this will be available from as well)

2) create a player account (if you already have a player account - skip to step 3)
  • Click on 'Register a Player Account' in the upper right corner

  • Enter your 10-digit login ID & Birthdate (just like you would at the game)

  • Enter your address & other info

  • Create a Web Login (i.e. email & password) This is what you will use to log back in to the web.

  • Click Register

  • You have now created a Player Account, now you can join a Hunting Party, check your stats, etc. etc.

3) Log-in to your player account. Enter your email & password in the upper right corner of the home page of

4) When your 'Trophy club' page comes up, click on 'My Account'

5) Click the 'Browse' button

6) Find your favorite photo of your ugly mug. (Note: image should be 100 x 125 and .jpg format)

7) Don't put up a picture of your butt. That's just rude. Besides, the folks at CoinUp will filter it out anyway.

Look for more functionality to get added to the site soon!

Now, go find an online Big Buck Safari near you, throw a score up on the tournament, and see your picture go up on the website. But you better hurry. The national tournament runs the 1st thru the 21st of each month, so this one ends on sunday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

New Cabela's Tournament

Now running at select Cabela's across the country is the Cabela's Quest Tournament. You've played Big Buck for fun, now play it for cool Cabela's loot.

Winner's get Cabela's gift cards of varying demonimations.

Here's a list of participating locations:

Cabela's - Boise, ID
Cabela's - Buda, TX
Cabela's - Dundee, MI
Cabela's - East Hartford, CT
Cabela's - Ft. Worth, TX
Cabela's - Glendale, AZ
Cabela's - Gonzales, AL
Cabela's - Hamburg, PA
Cabela's - Hammond, IN
Cabela's - Hazelwood, MO
Cabela's - Hoffman Estates, IL
Cabela's - Kansas City, KS
Cabela's - Kearney, NE
Cabela's - La Vista, NE
Cabela's - Lacey, WA
Cabela's - Lehi, UT
Cabela's - Mitchell, SD
Cabela's - Owatonna, MN
Cabela's - Post Falls, ID
Cabela's - Richfield, WI
Cabela's - Rogers, MN
Cabela's - Sidney, NE
Cabela's - Wheeling, WV

Now, remember, you have to wait til the tournament ends before walking off with your Cabela's loot.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Safari Tournaments go down under!

Big Buck Safari Tournaments and Trophy Club play first available in the US have now become available in Australia.

For those of you might have been off on a walkabout or otherwise unfamiliar, 'Trophy Club' play means your scores and stats are tracked and downloaded each time you play.
Every time you play a Trophy Club game, you can compare your score to your Personal Best, the National Best, and the National Average. Also, you can form 'Hunting Parties' with your mates. Then, if you've had an epic arvo of shooting trophies, you can compare your scores against your mates scores at every site.

Also, you can compete in National Tournaments for cash and prizes.

Unfortunately, not every Big Buck Safari is automatically online. Each cabinet has to be converted to be an online cabinet. However, more online cabinets are popping up every day.

Soon you will be able to see all the online locations by going to probably sometime before the end of the year.

Until then, here is a list of a few online cabinets:

Terminus Hotel - Abbotsford
Gumeracha Hotel - Adelaide
Lobethal Hotel - Adelaide
Marble Bar - Adelaide
Tonsley Hotel - Adelaide
Bridge Hotel - Ballarat
New Bay Hotel - Brighton
Khyuts Hotel - Brighton
Bendigo Hotel - Collingwood
Dandenong Hotel - Dandenong
Forest Hill Shpg Ctr - Forrest Hill
Arkaba Hotel - Fullarton
Breakwater Hotel - Geelong
Commo Hotel - Geelong
Beehive Hotel - Hawthorne
Kensington Hotel - Kensington
Marion Hotel - Marion
Russell Street Arcade - Melbourne
Strike Bowling QV - Melbourne
Wellington Hotel - N. Adelaide
Start of the West Hotel - Pt. Fairy
Strike Bowling Chapel - Prahan
Olympic Hotel - Preston
Bowman Hotel - Terang
Toolangi Tavern - Toolangi
Royal Hotel - Torrensville

If you see more, let us know!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Big Buck in the palm of your hand!

Now you can play Big Buck Pro on your cell phone!

The Big Buck Hunter Pro for Mobile (developed by Super Happy Fun Fun, Inc.) uses the unique Eyemobile control, this lets you aim your gun by moving your phone left and right.

In addition, you can login with your game login and get Big Buck stats and leaderboards right to your phone!

Click HERE for more details ... or text BUCK to HNZON (46966)

Eyemobile control
28 hunting sites
4 bonus games
Online leaderboards

View product sheet

(Prices vary by carrier )

Monday, December 8, 2008

...for your convenience

We understand that you keep a very busy schedule.
We're here to help.
Now for your convenience we've added iGoogle gadgets that let you get your Big Buck fix all through the day. Cuz we know...we're busy too.

These are gadgets that you can add to your iGoogle home page.

Pappy's Porch iGoogle Gadget

Now you can follow the latest news & info from Pappy's Porch right from your home page with the new Pappy's Porch iGoogle Gadget.

Follow this link to add the Pappy's Porch gadget to your iGoogle home page:

Big Buck Hunter National Tournament Leaderboard iGoogle Gadget
Now you can get the latest up-to-the-minute results from the current National Tournament. This gadget shows the top 200 places.

Follow this link to add the National Tournament gadget to your iGoogle home page:

Now get back to your busy day.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Big Buck Safari Tournament Locations

We've spotted some Big Buck Safari games that are running the National Tournament!

Here are some locations we know are running the 'Kickoff' National Tournament:

Chicago Area
Korner House - Elk Grove Village
Buffalo Wild Wings - Skokie
The Stadium - Rolling Meadows
Replay - Niles
City North 14 Theatres - Chicago

Livewire Fun Center - Rothschild

Mackenzies - Minneapolis (Hennipen Ave)
Sneaky Pete's Bar & Grill - Minneapolis
Grumpy's Bar - Minneapolis
Moe's - Mounds View
Majors Sports Care - Albertville
Throwbacks - Woodbury
Sneaky Pete's Bar & Grill - Minneapolis

New York
Legends Bar & Grill - Nassau

Bog - Portland
Hungry Tiger 2 - Portland
Rialto - Portland
Dr. Johns Pub - Oregon City
Wichita Pub - Milwaukie

Spot Bar & Grill - Vancouver
Auto's Pub - Vancouver
Icehouse - Vancouver
Porkys - Longview

Cabela's - East Hartford

The Game Grid Arcade - West Valley City

Let us know if you see any more.

When the Big Buck Safari player site comes online, you'll be able to get a complete listing of locations with Google Maps.

Don't forget, if your favorite location is NOT on the Big Buck Safari tournament, be sure to ask for it!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Big Buck Safari - National Tournament

The first Big Buck Safari National Tournament is scheduled to start December 1st. Top prize is $250. You've played for kicks, now play for cash.

Big Buck Safari games are beginning to come online across America.

The Big Buck Safari player site will come online very soon as well.

Stay tuned for details.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Easter Egg (Part III)

1) Choose the Gemsbok Adventure.

2) On the third trek, go to the 5th site (that's the one in the lower right).

3) When the scene starts, shoot the base of the palm tree on the right of the screen.

4) Feel the love.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sizing up a Tournament

Can't decide to play a tournament or not?

Frozen in indecision?

Here's some ways to help you decide:

1) Check the prizes:

On the 'Select A Tournament' screen, you can see the prizes by pulling the pump on the shotgun. Check the loot. Visualize you winning the loot. Be the ball, Danny.

2) Check the dates

Usually the dates are listed somewhere on the tournament graphics. If the tournament has been going for awhile, you can size your self up against the other players.

3) Check the price

Typically the prices for tournaments are around this:

1 Trek - $3, 2 Treks - $4, 3 Treks - $5

A 2-Trek tournament is a pretty good deal for $4, considering that 2 Online Treks normally costs $3. So for a dollar more you've got a shot at the prize pool.

Plus, you've got to help support the operator who's running the tournament. If you show him that there's a strong base of Big Buck players ready to play, he'll keep bringing the tournaments, and new game updates. Let's show the operators that Big Buck Players are the best kind of players in the world!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Video Review

Adam at the Game Grid Arcade in West Valley City, Utah reviews Big Buck Safari

Adam shows how to get 3 Bucks, the Trophy, and all 5 critters! (Nice shootin' Adam)

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Training Citizens for a better tomorrow

Big Buck Safari was recently voted the #1 arcade game in America.
But it's so much more than that...

Big Buck Safari is not only providing hours of endless enjoyment for it's worldwide throng of fans, ... it's equipping people to deal with life-threatening crisis situations.

Now we all know that rampaging rhinos are a common civic annoyance.

Up til now, civic governments have been hard-pressed to develop adequate methods to stop rampaging rhinos.

Just examine this video of a recent training exercise in Japan.

But, now, Big Buck Safari, is training the next generation of citizens to know exactly what to do in the high-stakes life-or-death situation of a deadly rhino rampage. When the desperate cry goes up 'Help! Rampaging Rhino!", our Big Buck Safari players will know exactly what to do.

They will know exactly where the weak points are. They will be able to cooly stand their ground and stare the stampeding beast eye to eye as they bring it down, protecting the poor, unsuspecting, helpless, shrieking bystanders.

Understand, PlayMechanix is not obligated by any government contract to provide this service. It's just one of the little ways they are making the world a better place, one game at a time.

Real Games.
Helping Real People.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Buck Safari goes ONLINE

The warmup is over. You've had six months to hone your safari skills, now it's time for the big show. Now when you log-in to a Trophy-Club game on Big Buck Safari, you'll be able to see the national best scores, your personal best scores, and the scores of your hunting party.

In addition, you'll be able to play for cash and prizes too. The First Big Buck Safari National Tournament is slated to begin on Dec. 1st, 2008. Talk is cheap, now we'll find out who really IS King Shaka Zulu.

Any Big Buck Safari game can be easily converted into an online game. If you play at a location where the Big Buck Safari is NOT online, gently remind the establishment that you would like to play Big Buck Safari Online... then take a cocktail waitress hostage.

See you on the leaderboards!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Big Buck Hunter Secrets Revealed!

Do you have a doe problem?

Now you have the ability to impress your friends people willing to stand near you, with your ability to magically transform does into other objects. Now you too can become a digital woodland wizard!

Tired of hitting does? KA-ZAM! Turn 'em into bears!

Here's how:

1) The game must be an online game that is currently connected.

2) You must be playing a trophy club or tournament game.

3) The game must be version 1.00.05 or higher (that's 90%+ of the games out there)

4) Log-in

5) Right after the log-in screens, on the 'Welcome to Trophy Club' page (the one that shows your best stats at various adventures)


7) This should bring up an 'Alternate Does' interface page

8) Various versions of 'Alternate Does' can be activated based on the number of online games you have played

9) Enjoy!!

Since the scores are significantly higher since does count as critters, your scores in this mode will not be officially considered for Hunter Hero, Personal Best, or Tournaments.

There's even a rumor that it's possible to evoke ol' Pappy himself into the scene! You've heard of rubbing Aladdin's magic lamp? Well, if you get into a pinch, just blow across the top of your beer bottle and ol' Pappy himself will come out and hep' ya.

'Git my gun, ma!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Big Buck Players: Is there ANYTHING they can't do?

We all know that Big Buck Hunter Players are clearly the upper tier of manhood, virility and machismo. But besides being the 'go-to' section of the gene pool, Big Buck Hunter players have an often overlooked sensitive side.

This can be evidenced by the fact that their advice is sought out on a number of domestic issues. Recently, the webzine sought out some Big Buck Hunter players for their wise and thoughtful approach to some delicate issues regarding dating and relationships.

Click HERE to see the dating tips from Big Buck Hunter players.

p.s. We recognized 2 of our World Champion finalists there in the mix. Daniel Mundschau and Jaron Anderson - way to go guys!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Ultimate Dream Tournament Sites - Jerad Style

Is there such a thing as the perfect tournament?

What would your 'Dream' Tournament be? (Okay, besides the frog in the log).

Jerad Berg, the 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Champion, has hand-picked the sites and bonuses for this month's National Tournmment. Pure Premium-Select, Grade A lovin' from the frozen tundra of Minnesota.

Also, this tip from the Champ:

"This tournament is designed to be played, optimally, while enjoying a fine pitcher of ice cold beer. Preferably paid for by your brother."

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Treks We'd Like to See

As the popularity of the Big Buck Hunter series continues to rise to a fever pitch, other forms of media hope to tie-in with the Big Buck Hunter series, as a way to re-ignite their dwindling buzz.

We at the porch, would like to recommend some possibilities for new treks for Big Buck Hunter Pro and Big Buck Safari. I'm sure any other license would be willing to pay big buxxx, to have a cross-licensing with the Big Buck Hunter juggernaut.

Just remember folks, you heard it here first!

'LOST' Adventure (Big Buck Safari)
A little visit to everybody's favorite hapless islanders.
Keep an eye out for the Smoke Monster Trophy Animal

Grand Theft Auto Adventure
(Big Buck Safari)
They've got drug dealers & hookers...
but WE'VE got moonshine and shrunken heads.

Ice Planet Hoth Adventure
(Big Buck Hunter)

Hobbiton Adventure
Try not to hit the hobbits...(please)

(Big Buck Hunter)

North Pole Adventure
(Big Buck Hunter)

Planet of the Apes Adventure
(Big Buck Safari)

Got any other ideas?

Let us know in the comments!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Jerad Berg comes on the porch

This year's 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Champion sauntered on over to Pappy's Porch, and we had a chance to talk with him about his recent world championship, Nintendo Duck Hunt, Beauty Queens and more.

Pappy's Porch: Jerad, when did you first learn about your 'Big Buck' special powers? Have you had them since birth, or did they come on you later in life?

Jerad Berg: I'm fairly certain they have been around since birth, I've always had an oversized left forearm and a very itchy trigger finger, but they weren't evident until Duck Hunt came out with the first Nintendo.

PP: Tell us how you started with Big Buck.

JB: My brother Nick and I were at the bar after a long day of pheasant hunting when we realized neither one of us had brought our wallets. My brother was enjoying a fine Leinenkugel's Summer Shanty, and we'd racked up quite the bar tab. The gentleman at the table next to us overheard our dilemma and offered a friendly wager. If either my brother or I could beat him in the new Shootout Mode of the new Big Buck Hunter Pro, he'd take care of our tab. But, if he beat us, one of us would drive home 50 miles, come back and pay both his tab and our tab. My brother and I love both challenges and gambling, so this suited us just fine. Nick played the guy first and even though he had the skills to win, shooting one too many ewes left us on the wrong side of the wager. Then the bet was extended to me. He wanted to play Rams again which was good since although I'd never played it, at least I'd just seen Nick play it. The game started, and it was like I was the only one shooting critters. I ended up nearly doubling his score, and I went home without paying our tab, and a new favorite pasttime.

PP: Now you only took 5th place in your regional qualifier, were you sandbagging, or had you not peaked yet?

JB: No, sandbagging isn't my style. Anyone who watched the qualifier would have known to watch out for me. The match I lost at the qualifier was to my ultra-nemisis Trevor 'Kryptonite' Floren. I ended the qualifier with two strong victorys sending me to Chicago on a high note.

PP: Now also, you lost an early match at the World Championships. What's up with that?

JB: My second match. Once again I ran into my kryptonite - Trevor Floren. I started out strong against him with a 4/2 split and a decent lead, but Trevor's steady style was too much for me and I was served a warm slice of humble pie.

PP: How did you feel going into the finals?

JB: I felt awesome, the crowd was behind me and when Caribou was drawn as the trek by the Big Buck Girl I knew we were going to be seeing round two otherwise Dan would have earned the title because nobody beats me at Caribou! After that I had to tone my aggressive style down a bit. I'm very good at elk too but with the amount of points available on each stage I knew I had to take care not to shoot any early cows. When it came down to the frog bonus stage and I only had a 19 point lead I thought I had pissed this one down my leg. My brother and I practice the game together and I have never beat him at frog hop, granted the game was never on the line, but I have usually tried to win just to shut down his little moral victorys. Fortunately for me I was able to channel all of those frog beatings into an awesome frog hop bonus. I never looked at the score until the end. I had noticed alot of frogs turning green, but couldn't believe it when I looked up and saw 45 to 25.

PP: In the Miss America pagaents, the newly-crowned beauty queens often champion a cause to speak out on, and help benefit mankind. Like a beauty queen, will you use your reign as world champion to benefit mankind in some way? If so, what cause will you speak out on?

JB: Well obviously, the right to bear (green & orange) arms, and the importance of population control of the (digital) deer population! Actually, in these days of leased land and hunting farms, we need to support public hunting land, so when my 4 year old grows up, he can transition his Big Buck Hunter Pro skills out into the hunting field.

PP: Now that you are World Champion, what's next for you? Will you go pro, will you 'hustle' more bar tabs, or will you retire into politics?

JB: Going out on top sounds like the safe bet, but I think I still have a few good treks left in me, and after the $10,000 win, Uncle Sam already consider's me a 'pro'. I was planning on running for president under the green party, since I was unhappy with both nominees. After Sarah Palin was nominated VP I chose not to move forward since I now had a fellow moose slayer to endorse.

PP: Did you bring anybody with you to the World Championships?

JB: My brother Nick and I both qualified, and his girlfriend Angela came with to watch the show.

PP: Would you like to give a shout-out to any bar or Big Buck location?

JB: Majors Sports Bar (in Blaine, MN) was instrumental in both practice rounds and diet.

PP: Is there any final message you would like to bestow on your constituents?

JB: I'd like to thank my brother Nick, for knocking Trevor Floren out of the mix, and also thank everyone who was there cheering me on. Also to Dan Mundshau for putting up a great fight and being an excellent sport. I'll be holding on to Pappy's Jug til next year when it is back up for grabs. In the meantime, I'd suggest getting practiced up, and trying to avoid getting hustled by players with Berg as their last name.

Thanks Jerad, take a break! You've earned it!

Monday, October 20, 2008

The Legend is Born

Now, folks, just sit back and let Pappy tell ya 'bout the legend of Jerad Berg...

The 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Championships started with 24 of the worlds top athletes deer killin' machines gathered at the Excalibur in downtown Chicago. Their huntin' & critterin' skills were honed to a tee. They showed up from all corners of this great land, they showed up by stagecoach, mule, dogsled & canoe from all parts far and wide. Throughout the afternoon and early evening, they competed to find out who was the best of the best. The competitors put such a pile of hurt on all them deers and critters that their guns nearly melted from the fury of their shootin'. And when the dust had settled, two men were still left standin'. Daniel Mundschau from Cedarburg, Wisconsin, and Jerad Berg from Montrose, Minnesota.

Now right about then, Davey Snipes grabs the microphone and announces the final match. But Ryan 'Kid' Cravens pulls out the rule book and sez "Since this here's a Dubble E-limin-ation tournament, we may have to run this final match twice!" See, Jerad Berg lost in the very first round to Trevor Floren, and battled his way all the way back to the finals. But Daniel Mundschau had never lost. So even if Jerad beat Dan in finals, Dan still couldn't be out, cause he hadn't lost twice! If Jerad beat Dan in the final match, they'd have to play a 2nd final match, because it was double elimination. A smile curled Dan's lips, all he had to do was win one of the two matches, and he ain't never lost yet!

But Jerad, didn't know how to say 'quit'. See, his momma never taught him what 'quit' means. So finally the two titans began their final match. Jerad was green and Dan was orange. They were playing the Caribou Adventure. They were trading sites, going back and forth, til finally Jerad built up a lead in the 3rd Trek and won the match. But even though Jerad won, they had to play again, because Dan ain't lost twice yet. So now was the final match of the day. Each competitor had lost once. Whoever won this match would be crowned Big Buck Hunter World Champion, and go away with $10,000 (and my jug!).

The final adventure would be Elk Adventure. Right off the bat, Jerad jumped out to an early lead by nailing 4 bucks at the first site and jugglin' the frog four times. But Dan stormed right back with more bucks the next site. Back and forth the battle raged on. One site Dan would get more bucks, then another site Jerad would get more bucks. Every now and then, somebody'd pop a doe, and the other would clean up some points. In the 2nd Trek Jerad built up a 2500+ pt. lead, but as soon as he'd done it, the next site, Jerad pop'd a doe and Dan stormed back with a 2300 pt site, that reduced the lead to less than 300 pts going into the final trek. Back and forth the sites went, after the 2nd to last site, Jerad had an 800 pt lead. But Dan stormed back on the very last site, out-shooting Jerad four bucks to two. When the final leaderboard before the bonus round came up, the crowd gasped...the score showed that Jerad's lead had been reduced to a razor-thin 19 pt lead. Everything would come down to the last bonus. The two hunter heroes had been battlin' for nearly half an hour and only 19 pts separated them. The previous bonus, the Wild Boar Bonus, they'd split exactly down the middle - 25 boars each. Now would they split again?

But when the final Frog Flippin' Bonus started, Jerad jumped on it like a duck on a june-bug! He lit up the screen with 'green' frogs, when the lillypads and frog-legs cleared, Jerad had triumphed! He had battled back to become the 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Champion!

And so the legend of Jerad Berg was born. Jerad, come on over to my porch, and let's celebrate. Don't forget to bring my jug!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Thank You

Just wanted to thank eveyone who participated in the Big Buck Hunter Pro 2008 World Championship. It was a fun time and we could not have done it without the support of the fans. I would also like to thank Dave Snipes, Joe LeVeque and Joe Lucchese for making everything come off with out a hitch.

One last note, Jerad Berg and Dan Mundchau put on a great show for all of us. Conrgrats to Jerad.//rc 

Friday, October 17, 2008

The Jug of Champions - Sneak Peek

Here's a preview of the Trophy that will be bestowed on the 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Champion at tomorrow's BBH World Championships in Chicago. He or she will be the first ever Big Buck player to have their name engraved on the coveted 'Pappy's Jug'.

Git my gun, Ma!!!

Although the jug (rumored to be filled with pure white lightning moonshine) will reside at Play Mechanix in Glen Ellyn, IL. The winner will have his/her name engraved on a plaque on the side, world fame, various and assorted other accouterments, not the least of which is a giant check for $10,000 dollaz.

Here are the contenders, who's it gonna be?

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet the Playaz!

Here are the winners of the Regional Qualifying Tournaments:

Southern Division:

1st Place: Manny Donato

2nd Place: Chris Fortune

3rd Place: Cynthia Bingham

4th Place: Matt Budzisz (No Photo Available)

5th Place: Nick Meyers

Western Division

1st Place: Eddie Blake

2nd Place: Jason Smith

3rd Place: Daniel Anen

4th Place: JP Luiggi

5th Place: Santino Filipeli

Eastern Division

1st Place: Nick Rossi

2nd Place: Shelley Maasdorp

3rd Place: Matt Ramey

4th Place: Dave Williams

5th Place: Jaron Anderson

MidWestern Division

1st Place: Trevor Floren

2nd Place: Brett Godsey

3rd Place: Daniel Mundschau

4th Place: Nick Berg

5th Place: Jerad Berg

Congratulations to these Hunter Heroes, they have won spots to the Big Buck Hunter World Championships in Chicago on Oct 18th, where the winner will win $10,000! These players will play against the top 4 placers from the Big Buck Hunter International Open Tournament held immediately before the World Championships. If these players are not able to compete for any reason, alternates will be appointed from other regional finalists.

Good luck players!!

Click HERE for more details.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Easter Egg Alert

1) Choose the Sable Adventure.

2) On the first trek, go to the 3rd site (that's the one in the upper right).

3) When the scene starts, shoot the 'V-shaped' branches in the upper right corner.

4) Feel the love.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Big Buck Hunter hits the Silver Screen

Sometimes more important than landing just the right actor or actress, can be landing just the right product placement. Hollywood Studios are scrambling to associate their blockbuster pictures with just the right commercial product to give them the right box-office karma.

And what product can deliver more box-office karma than Big Buck Hunter? If you want to give your lead actor a more human or sensitive him popping a doe on big buck hunter (afterall, he's only human). If you want to show a character has a certain savoir faire with the ladies, show him dropping that third buck on a tough tournament site.

So with a little detective work, we have managed to put together for you, O humble reader, a collection of Big Buck Hunter product placement shots in some recent blockbuster summer movies.


Now you might not have noticed this the first time you saw this scene, but if you look closely you can see how the director has discreetly place a Big Buck Hunter game in the background. See how it gives Batman a more 'human' quality?

Here's another one you might have missed. This one was no-doubt placed to show Tony Stark has every resource at his disposal in his laboratory.

Probably missed this one too.

This one no-doubt helps establish Vito Corleone as being from a certain socio-economic tier.

Even Obi-Wan needs to sharpen his jedi skills from time to time.

'sshhend up sshhome more quarterssh, pooosy'

'Play it again, Sam'

Let us know if you found any more...

Monday, August 25, 2008

Head to Head Shootout

With regional qualifiers in full swing and the regional finals within sight, the Big Buck game is about to take a different swing. The regional finals and the Championship rounds aren't going to be Pappy's usual game. These matches are all about some head to head competition. That's right, we're talking about a good old-fashioned shootout. Nobody wants to go down in the first round and look like some BBH rookie. All you prospective qualifiers and champions would be wise to brush up on your shootout game. With that in mind, here's some tips and strategies for when you're playing head to head.

Shootout Stragegy #1: Take it ALL
Rookie shootout players often make the mistake of trying to stick to just their side of the screen, be it left or right. Giving away half the scene is a quick way to handicap your score. Why settle for only three out of six bucks? Be dominant and take the entire screen. If anything, taking over your opponent's half of the screen is integral to winning a shootout. Every buck and every critter is your target. Leave nothing for your opponent. Clean em out!

Shootout Strategy #2: Say Hello to my little friend!

Shootout is a much faster paced game. Two players gunning for the same bucks makes it hard to wait for that perfect shot. Not to mention that with six bucks plus some critters, there are a lot of targets to shoot.

No time to think. No time to line up that ace shot. Its more about a fast reaction time and a fast trigger finger. Light those bucks up! A cleanout is a quick way to take the lead or pull off a big come back.

That being said, there are a few downsides to the machine gun strategy. The first is that if you hit first but don't down the buck, your opponent has a brief window of opportunity to steal your kill. Most of the time two shots will be enough to drop a buck, so if your opponent is always getting that final shot, its going to cost you. All your shot does is soften that buck up. So if you're going to break out the machine gun, you need to continue to aim for those kill shots at the head and heart.

The other downside to using the machine gun method is the negative effect on your accuracy. In shootout, a marksman award is given for an accuracy of 50% or higher. This award doubles the points earned for accuracy. That's a huge difference. In shootout, a 49% accuracy earns you 49 points per buck while a 50% accuracy earns you 100 points per buck. That's a big difference for only a single percent. You're earning anywhere from 51 to 151 points more per buck for a high accuracy. So even while rapid firing into those bucks, you should definitely try to maintain a 2 shot 1 kill ratio.

Shootout Strategy #3: Revenge of the Critters
Critters can be your best friend or your worst enemy. All depends on how many of the little buggers you can blast. Just like there are more bucks per stand, some stands will have even more critters. Its not uncommon to see stands with 7+ critters in a shootout match. Nail 9 critters and you've got 2050 points just in critters! Its actually possible on some stands to get more points in critters than you could get by nailing all six bucks!

Definitely be mindful of the frog log for those easy critter points.

Its almost key to remember those critters. Letting your opponent get them all is a big mistake as critters increase in value the more of them you kill. Even stealing away a single critter can be a major swing. While that first critter is only 50 points for you, it could potentially mean 450 points less for your opponent. Minimizing your opponent's gains is almost as important as secure your own points.

Shootout Strategy #4: Bonus Game Comeback
Even if you're behind heading into the bonus, it is possible to pull off a last minute victory. Just as with each stand having double the bucks, many bonuses have an increased number of targets. Additionally, the total possible points for a shootout bonus are double the norm. A double perfect is usually worth 2000 points. In a shootout, a double perfect is 4000 points!! Its not an easy feat to achieve especially with your opponent gunning for targets, but a solid performance on the bonus can change the outcome in a shootout match. Speed and accuracy are key. Yet, some good strategy can also help. If its a bonus with a clear pattern, figure out where you opponent is aiming and try to stay a target ahead. Stealing even a few shots can help push you ahead and can throw your opponent off their rhythm.

Shootout Strategy #5: Don't Give Up
Falling behind early in a shootout can be devastating to a player's morale. While its advantageous to grab an early lead and keep it, being behind in a shootout is no reason to abandon hope. Stay calm and remain focused. The pendulum can swing back quickly in a shootout match. A single doe shot can change the entire game and give you an opening to recover. A big critter stand or a quick cleanout can turn the tide back in your favor. Fight for every point until the very end.

As the regional qualifiers approach there end, take these tips to heart and practice up on your shootout game. Hopefully, they'll help get you closer to that $10,000 grand prize and the coveted Championship trophy.

Friday, August 22, 2008

The Best Things in Life are (almost) Free

Once upon a time, a man could walk into his neighborhood bar, slap a hard-earned dollar on the counter and get a frosty mug of ice-cold beer.

If you long for yesteryear...

If you feel the need to harken back...

If you're an 8-track player trapped in an iPod world...

We've got the perfect place for you!

Every Monday Night is Old-Man Beer night at Duffy's Irish Pub in Washington D.C.
Forget the Imported or Micro-Brew beers, we're talking good old fashion beer-in-a-can.
If it was good enough for Archie Bunker, it's good enough for you!

Such old school beer labels as:

PBR, National Bohemian (aka Natty Boh), Schlitz, Miller, Bud, and more.

Hey, come on... your dad loved it!

But there's more!

You may feel concerned, as we were, that stepping back into Duffy's time machine means you have to play checkers on a pickle barrell while you swill your old school beer.

Ahhh, but that's the best part.

Duffy's combines the best of the old with the best of the new.

What do they offer patrons, to go along with their vintage brew? You guessed it...

Big Buck Hunter.

Now you can save some bucks while you shoot some bucks.

According to Fritz Hahn, of the Washington Post:

"It's probably never going to be featured in a style magazine. But the staff is friendly, and the proprietor is usually around, introducing himself and hanging out."

More details HERE

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Come git'cher Grit On!

The prestigious Pennsyltucky olympics has added another event to their austere list of world-caliber contests.

The Pennsyltucky olympics, held annually in Sharon, PA, feature such events as Seed Spitting, Beer-Belly Wet T-Shirt Contest, and the esteemed Hub Cap Hurl. In addition to these events, now fans can play 'LIVE Big Buck Hunter'.

LIVE Big Buck Hunter will see contestants shooting paintballs at employees of the Original Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant.(No word whether this is shootout style or turn-based)

The top Prize? Sarah Poulton, of writes:
“..forget the Gold Medal. The winner of this fine competition wins a sweet 1984 Limited Edition Ford Crown Victoria. It's missing first gear, but it runs like a champ.”
The event is hosted by the Original Quaker Steak and Lube restaurant on 101 Chestnut Street, in Sharon PA. The opening ceremonies begin at 3:30 pm on Saturday, August 16th 2008.

Complete Olympic Schedule:
3:30 pm Opening Ceremonies
4:30 pm Hub Cap Hurl & Bobbing for Pigs Feet
5:00 pm Git 'R' Dun Long Jump
5:30 pm Seed Spitting
6:00 pm Dumpster Dive & Big Hair Contest
6:30 pm Best Mullet & Toilet Seat Toss
7:00 pm LIVE Big Buck Hunter
7:30 pm Hot Wing Eating Contest
8:00 pm Beer Belly Wet T-Shirt Contest
Live Band – Sharecroppers of Live (on stage until 10:30pm)
8:30 pm Cornhole Tournament
9:30 pm Closing Ceremonies & Awards Presentation

There's no word yet on how many countries will be sending athletes, but you can bet our own beloved pappy will be there, moonshine jug in hand.
For more details look HERE.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Tournament Tips

Thanks to the upcoming 2008 World Big Buck Championships, there is no better time to brush up on your game. With a grand prize of $10,000, there is sure to be a good deal of competition. Every point is going to matter and could mean the difference between qualifying and drowning dashed hopes with a beer. Yet all is not grim. A few quick points could help you advance to the regional championships.

Tip #1: Go Streaking
A max streak is a quick way to seperate you from the competition. A 5-streak nets you a quick 1500 points. That's 500 points more than a 4-streak. 900 points over a 3-streak. The difference is considerable considering this isn't even counting the points for those bucks. Downing all three bucks on each stand is your first step to victory. Even if it means sacrificing some accuracy, make sure those bucks don't get away. It takes a great deal to make up the difference between a 4-streak and a 5-streak.

Tip #2: Count on Critters
A single critter may not seem like much. Yet, even a mere 50 points can be enough to push you over the top. The real trick with critters is the increased gain the more of them you kill on each stand. While the first is only worth 50, the second is worth 100 points. Get a stand with 5 critters and they will net you an extra 750 points!! That's half the points earned for a 5-streak.

Tip #3: One shot, One kill
Accuracy may not seem that important, yet in a tournament, every last point can help. If you run a 50% accuracy over a 5-streak, you'll earn 750 points for accuracy. A 75% accuracy over a 5-streak is worth 1125 points. When it comes down to the wire, that 375 point difference becomes significant. Its even more important when it comes to the bonus. A double perfect is worth 2000 points, but if you miss even a single shot while hitting every target, you'll only get around 1600 points depending on the bonus. That's 400 points for a single shot. To improve your accuracy be sure to aim for those vital head and heart on bucks. Perhaps more importantly, for moving targets you need to lead your shot. Bullets take a small amount of time to reach your target. Aim where your target is going to be; not where they are.

Tip #4: Bigger Distance = Bigger Points
When it comes to your three bucks per stand, a long distance target is worth a significantly higher amount than one standing practically on top of you. A close buck may be worth 150-250 points, while a buck farther away could be worth 500-600 points. Some can even weigh in at over 700 points. That's a lot of points over 15 bucks. The trick here is to watch and learn the pathing. Those bucks that start off as easy marks may actually run a path that takes them farther away from you. That means more points if you have the patience to wait for a better shot.

Tip #5: Practice and Persistence
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Knowing the stands only comes from playing them several times over. Finding the optimal shots for squeezing the most points out of each buck isn't something that happens with a single attempt. Finding the stand order that has the most critters and the longest shots takes some experimentation. With multiple versions of each stand, it simply takes practice to become familiar with the game. Which brings us to another old saying, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Persistence pays off in the end. Most litteraly in the case of a $10,000 grand prize. That aside, consistent 5-streaks and one shot kills are a result of persistence. Dedicate your focus and results are sure to follow. A little persistence may be all you need to qualify for those regional championships.

Hopefully, these tips will push you ahead of the competition. Best of luck to everyone in the regional qualifiers.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Play Big Buck Hunter for a crack at $10000 dollaz!!

All around the world, competitors are practicing in hopes of being crowned ‘the best in the world’. Practicing, perfecting their technique as they prepare to compete side-by-side with other competitors from around the globe.

Olympics? Beijing? Nothing that ordinary… I’m talking about the

2008 World Big Buck Championships

Hundreds of Big Buck players will be competing for cash prizes and a shot at being invited to the World Championships in Chicago on Oct 18th 2008. The World Championships in Chicago will feature the top 20 players from the US competing for the $10,000 Grand Prize and the title of ‘World Big Buck Champion’ – along with the coveted Pappy’s Cup.

Here’s how it will work:

Step 1: Regional Qualifying Tournament
The country is being divided up into 4 parts (West, North, South & East) view map here. All the Online Big Buck Hunter Machines in the West will receive the ‘Western Regional Qualifying Tournament’, All the Online Big Buck Hunter Machines in the North will receive the ‘Northern Regional Qualifying Tournament’, etc. etc.
So EVERY Online Big Buck Hunter machine will be participating in one of the four Regional Qualifying Tournaments. These four tournaments will run simultaneously for four weeks, August 8th – September 7th . The top placers will win cash prizes just like the national tournaments.

Step 2: Regional Championships
The top 50 finishers in the Southern Regional Qualifying Tournament will be invited to participate in a one-day live event on Friday Sept 19th at Hooligans, San Antonio, TX.

The top 50 finishers in the Western Regional Qualifying Tournament will be invited to participate in a one-day live event on Sunday Sept. 21st at Wichita Bar & Grill, Portland, OR.

The top 50 finishers in the Eastern Regional Qualifying Tournament will be invited to participate in a one-day live event on Friday, Sept 26th at Black Bear Lodge in New York, NY.

The top 50 finishers in the Northern Regional Qualifying Tournament will be invited to participate in a one-day live event on Sunday Sept 28th at Majors Sports Cafe, Inver Grove Hts., MN.

Each of these 4 ‘Regional Championships’ will be live events. There will be special promotions, giveaways, and guest appearances by the Big Buck Girls. There will be Tournament Bracket set up and a live play tournament (Single Elimination – ‘Shootout’ Style) will determine the top placers. The top 5 placers will win cash prizes, and will be invited to participate in the World Championships in Chicago on Oct 18th.

Step 3: 2008 World Championships

The 2008 Big Buck Hunter World Championship will be in Chicago, IL on Saturday, October 18th 2008. There will be a preliminary International Open Tournament immediately before the World Championships. Participants from any country (including US) are invited to participate. There is a $250 fee to participate in the International Open Tournament. The top 4 finishers from the International Open will be added to the 20 US Regional Champions for a 24 man bracket. The play will be Double Elimination – ‘Shootout’ Style. The top 8 placers will receive cash and prizes, with the top finisher recieving $10,000 plus the coveted Pappy's Cup.

(Click HERE for more details)

I gotta go… I gotta brush up on my game!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Top 10 Big Buck Hunting Excuses

"I always tried to turn every disaster into an opportunity." - John D. Rockefeller

We all miss a shot or 2 when we are playing Big Buck Hunter or Big Buck Safari. The key is to realize, these aren't disasters... these are opportunities. Opportunities to play mind games with your opponent by whipping out just the right excuse. Popped a doe? Missed the buck? No prob. Just peel off one of these handy excuses.

Top 10 excuses for a Blown Hunting Site (conducted by straw poll):

10. Yeah, but I scared him!

9. I had venison for lunch.

8. Gun must not be calibrated.

7. You should see me hunt with my eyes open!

6. Bucks...Does...I'm an equal-opportunity hunter.

5. That doe looked at me funny.

4. I normally use the orange gun. (opposite of gun used)

3. I think I'll kill that one with my truck instead.

2. I need another beer.

And the #1 voted excuse...

1. I was anxious to see the Big Buck Girls again!

Friday, July 25, 2008

A Little Slice of Heaven

Dante's Paradise (c. 1308) narrates a tour thru nine spheres of heaven. But while Dante’s account is interesting, it is pretty obviously fake. Obviously he can’t really have gone to heaven, because his books mention neither Big Buck Hunter or Chicken Fried Steak. There is one place in this earthly realm, however, where you can find both of these … Mary’s Café in Strawn, Texas (2 hrs east of Dallas).

Mary Trettler is one of the last restauranteurs who still prepares Chicken Fried Steak in the traditional method. Not in the battered & deep-fried method made popular by culinary giants such as Swanson’s TV dinners.

Discerning customers will come far and wide to pay homage to the authentic Chicken Fried Steak. The dish is still lovingly prepared in the original recipe, exactly as it was passed down from the ancient Aztecs. Kim Pierce of the Dallas Morning News writes:

“Mary is so protective of her chicken-fried steak and other dishes that employees must sign an agreement drawn up by a lawyer not to share the recipes, nor even the way the restaurant plates meals.”

“At Mary's, the only deep-fried foods are things such as hand-cut french fries, breaded okra, tortilla chips and calf fries (bull testicles).”

This is starting to sound like my kind of place. The clincher? In the lobby… next to the stacks of guessed it…Big Buck Hunter.

Chicken Fried Steak and Big Buck Hunter…like Batman and Robin.

Of course the real question is, when you go to Mary’s Café, do you eat first or play first?

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mastering Site Versions

Site Versions - Just Like Alternate Realities (only better)

Ever notice how you can pick the same site each day and it seems to play out slightly differently? One time the buck might come from the right, and if you pick the same sight the next day, the same buck might come from the left. Hows come? What gives?
The answer is there are 4 different versions of each site. What’s the benefit of having different versions of sites? No doubt the biggest reason is so players can’t memorize all of them. Also, if 4 people start up a 4-player game, and they all chose the same site, no one will see the exact same version. That way there’s no advantage to going first or last. No one will see the exact same version as a previous player.

Tournament Site Versions - Groundhog Day
Versions work slightly different in tournament games. Versions are a little more predictable in tournament games. In a tournament game, choosing sites in the same order will always resort in the same site versions coming up. In other words, if you play 2 tournament games in a row, as long as you chose the sites in the same order, you will always see the same site versions. Like one big Déjà vu. As long as you repeat the same order, the same versions will always appear – just like groundhog day. This can be quite beneficial to an astute player. A player can experiment with different site orders to find the highest scoring versions. One site version might have more possible points than another version of the same site. Look for things like number of critters available, long distance shots, and ease of play. A few rounds of experimentation might reveal a set of versions that offer 500 – 1000 more possible points that another. That could result in a 10-place improvement in tournament standings. Also, if you know the exact versions of the sites that are going to come up, you can practice! You can learn how get your accuracy up by reducing your shot count. That could result in a few hundred more points. In the national tournament, adding a thousand points to your score could result in several hundred bucks in your pocket!

Tournament Site Versions - Day by Day

There is one giant caveat in regards to tournament site order. The site order changes everyday! That means the site order versions that come up one day will be different from the site order versions that come up another day. Each day is a fresh and new. What that means is that one day might allow you to find a site order that gives you some extra points, and as long as you play the sites in that order you will see the same versions ALL DAY LONG. But the next day the versions will be different. That means one day might allow a higher scoring order than the next day.
Confusing, but worth the effort.
The best thing one player can give to another player is information. “Hey brother, if you play the sites in order (4-2-1-5-3) you can get some really choice site versions today.” Now that’s love! So if you find a site order that allows some sweet point potentials…share the love. Tell a friend.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Biscuits & Gravy & Big Buck

Nothing says 'Good Morning' like a hot steamy cup of 'Big Buck Hunter'.

When in the course of human events someone is tempted to a night of frivolous skullduggery, the next morning can be a little rough. Chris Dimattia of Charleston, SC, has realized that from time to time, people may need a little help getting thru the morning after.

Chris owns a restaurant called 'The Recovery Room' (685 King St.) designed to help the morning-challenged make it through the morning after.

The Recovery Room offers cheap comfort food all day, specializing in breakfasts, served all day.

According to Rob Smith, of The Post and Courier:
"His joint supplies the perfect lubricants for last night's debauchery: Dark environs and great munchies, breakfast all day and bar fare. "

Finally, to stabilize patients before being discharged, The Recovery Room offers a game of 'Big Buck Hunter'. What better way to batten down your hatches and get prepared for the dog-eat-dog world than poppin' some critters in your favorite game?

Big Buck for Breakfast, this could be a new trend.

How do you Big Buck?

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Logs & Frogs

The news is full of stories regarding the dangers of Frog Hunting.

The Times of India reports of more arrests and crackdowns by Indian Police for illegal frog hunting.

Big Buck Hunter is one place where Frog Hunting is legal - and very beneficial.

It seems Big Buck Hunter has one hidden easter egg. In the first site of the first level of Elk, there's a log on the left edge of the screen. If you shoot the log, a frog will hop up on the log. You can shoot the frog up to 4 times (just like the frog flippin' bonus) - and get credit for 4 extra critter shots. This can add up to quite a lot if you also get the birds.

How to Get the Secret Frog:
1. Select 'Elk' Adventure
2. On the 'Select Your Site' screen of the first trek, shoot the site all the way to the left
3. Shoot the log on the left edge of the screen
4. Out comes the frog!
5. Shoot it up to 4 times if you can.

(If you time it just right you can get 4 frog hits + some birds + all 3 deer!)

Try it your self. Only don't let the Indian Police see you.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Saving the Earth - one deer at a time

The uninformed, knee-jerk opinion may consider Big Buck Hunter to be at odds with environmental causes. However, I submit to you that Big Buck Hunter is a very animal-friendly game.

Consider these points:

1) Increases Deer Population
During an average 5 min. Big Buck Hunter game, approximately 35 deer are created. Based on national play averages of 100 plays per week, or 14 per day, that's 420 deer created each day. Once you consider there are over 10,000 Big Buck Hunter machines out there, that's over 4,200,000 deer created EVERY DAY!! (USDA estimates total Whitetail Deer population to be 14-20 million) Conservative estimates would indicate that more deer are created by Big Buck Hunter players every month than exist worldwide.

Conclusion: If you want to increase deer population... Play more Big Buck Hunter!!!

2) Cares for Animals

Earthtimes reports that The Outdoor Channel sponsored a 'This Land is Your Land' challenge. For every game of Big Buck Hunter or Bass Simulator played at their booth, they donated $25 to the Animal Rescue of New Orleans (ARNO). Earthtimes reports that over $10,000 was raised by Big Buck Hunter players.,437797.shtml

Conslusion: If you want to help homeless animals... Play more Big Buck Hunter!!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Lexicon

If you have ever wondered what some of the phrases the new african announcer is saying in the Big Buck Safari game, here's some of the sound calls that we have researched.

Developers from Play Mechanix (the makers of the game) say that the speech list was made using consultants from various areas of Africa, including South Africa, Liberia & Nigeria.

"King Shaka would be proud" - King Shaka (pictured left*) was the King of the Zulu Nation, ruling the Zulu clan at the time of it's greatest victories. He led their growth from a small clan into the dominant power of coast of south-east Africa.

"He's King of the Kraal" - Kraal is an Afrikaans word for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock, located within an African homestead or village surrounded by a mud wall or other fencing, roughly circular in form.

"That's Kubwa Saana" - Kubwa Saana is Swahili for 'very big'.

"That's Kaganga" - Kaganga is a tribal slang for 'big'

"Big like the Marula" - Marula (scelerocarya birrea) - is a large African Tree, growing over 18m tall with a wide crown.

I believe those are the only 'african' words, the rest seem to be English words.

*Shaka Zulu - as played by Henry Cele in Shaka Zulu (1987)

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Don't Mess with Texas

If the Big Buck Hunter Pro - National Tournament is any indication, there are some serious Big Buck players down in the lone star state. In the last 5 National Tournaments (Jan 2008 - May 2008) two-thirds have been won by someone from Texas.

In fact if you look at the top five places in the the same tournaments, Texan players took in over 68% of the cash prizes. The next closest state was perennial powerhouse Minnesota with only 21% of the prizes from the top five spots.

Texas is unmistakably the current hot-spot for Big Buck mastery. In fact, not only are the Texan players owning the national tournament scores, they will go to great lengths to play the national tournament. A recent article at reports that some Texan players drove over 400 miles roundtrip just to play in the national tournament. Ten-gallon hats off to you.

However, there may be a change in the air. Perhaps a stirring from the great white north of Minnesota. According to the latest leaderboard of the current national tournament (Caribounga) the top 3 spots belong to Minnesotans. Who knows how it will end up.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Critters - the other white meat

One of the big changes between Big Buck Hunter II and Big Buck Hunter Pro, was the addition of critters. Other than being immensely gratifying to shoot, those little buggers can really add up to some serious points.

The score value increases with every critter you shoot.

1 Critter = 50 pts.
2 Critters = 100 + 50 = 150 pts.
3 Critters = 150 + 100 + 50 = 300 pts.
4 Critters = 200 + 150 + 100 + 50 = 500 pts.
5 Critters = 250 + 200 + 150 + 100 + 50 = 750 pts.

Mathmatically, that's: critterScore = (n! * 50)

Since a deer averages in score from 100 - 300 pts, getting 5 critters in a single site can almost double your site score. That's some powerful numbers. But like Uncle Ben says: "with great power comes great responsibility". The fools gold of critters can distract you from your way and lead to broken promises. Over the course of a trek or adventure, the most powerful effect on you score is still, by far and away, consistently getting all 3 deer. The power of the perfect streak is the most powerful way to increase your score. And if going after critters prevents you from getting all 3 deer, than they are not worth the points. ONLY GO AFTER CRITTERS IF IT DOESN'T PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING ALL 3 DEER! The critters should just be gravy after you get your 3 deer.

Here's an example:

Method 1: 5 perfect sites - no critters

deer scores = (~150 + ~200 + ~300) = ~650pts
accy bonus = (50% * 3) = 150 pts
Base Site Score = 800 pts

Total Score for 1 trek shooting 3 deer + 0 critters at each site:

Base Site Score X 5
+ streak bonuses of 100, 200, 300 and 400
Total Score 5 sites = 5000

Method 2: 2 Deer + 4 Critters per site

deer scores = (~150 + ~200) = ~350pts
accy bonus = (50% * 2) = 100 pts
critter bonus = 500 pts
Base Site Score = 950 pts

Total Score for 1 Trek shooting 2 deer + critters at each site:

Base Site Score X 5 = 950 x 5 = 4750 pts
Total Score 5 sites = 4750

So it's worth more points to consistently get 3 deer at every site with no critters than to get 4 critters at every site but miss the 3rd buck.

Critters are a great way to buff out your score, but don't let them be too big of a distraction.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hunting Parties - raising smack-talk to new heights

One of the greatest additions to the Big Buck Hunter legacy came with the addition of Hunting Parties. Hunting Parties were introduced in the Online version (check to find Online versions near you).

Hunting Parties allows you to compete with your friends even when you are playing alone. Once you form a hunting party (via the web) with your friends, every time you play a Trophy Club or Tournament game, your friends scores will be shown at every site. You can compare your scores to your friends scores at every site. Even if your friend plays alone over lunch, when he plays, he will be forced to undergo the shame and humiliation of seeing your massive score above his lowly score.

What better way to mock and belittle your friends even when you're not there? Now you can PWN them without even being there in person. Even when my friends no longer can stand to be around me and sneak off to play Big Buck Hunter Pro behind my back, they'll still see my scores...Wait..I mean..IF my friends didn't like me.

Also, you can create a name and a motto for your hunting party. Now provides a home page for every hunting party, complete with your own message board to further taunt your friends.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Best Dad Ever.

Since the dawn of time, fathers have struggled for their families, cared for their children. History is full of examples of loving fathers: Abraham, Hulk Hogan, Darth Vader, etc. While most dads scratch and claw to bring home such boring things as food, clothing, shelter, the Naperville Sun reports that Chris Irle, 42 year old Naperville resident could just be the best dad ever. In 2003, Irle brought home a full-size Big Buck Hunter arcade game. Now that's love.

Remember: give a man a fish, and he'll eat for a day; give your kids a Big Buck Hunter and you'll have something to hold over their heads for the rest of their lives.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

BBH Players Needed!

The Wilton Villager reports that the town of Wilton, Connecticut has been overrun by deer. The city estimates that there are over 70 deer per square mile. The city also reports that other animal species and even tree growth has been negatively effected by the oversized deer population. First Selectman Bill Brennan says "We have to make a dent in the deer population if we want to reduce Lyme Disease."

Patricia Sesto, the town's Environmental Affairs Director told the Board of Selectman at their June 2nd meeting that this year hunters will be urged to shoot 'just one more deer'. The Wilton Villager reports that last year, hunters were able to take 129 deer. But are hoping for a much higher figure this year.

What this town needs is a certain caliber of hunter. A 'Big Buck Hunter'. That's why I'm putting out an all-points bulletin for all Big Buck Players out there to come to Wilton, Connecticut to help with their deer problem. I know that Big Buck Players are big-hearted and charitable citizens. And I know that many of them will rise up to help their fellow Connecticutters with this public service.

Secondly, this town needs to be trained to be more efficient hunters. I'd like to point out that according to there are a number of Big Buck Hunter games within a few miles, including MJ Foogans in Haverstraw, NY.

Good luck Hunters, and remember, "there's no such thing as a bad day to hunt."

Sunday, June 1, 2008

Brain Size and Hunting Ability

A recent anthropology article "Brain Size and Hunting Ability in Earliest Man" by Grover S. Krantz makes the case of the direct link between significant physical changes and greatly increased hunting ability. Krantz points out the differences between Australopithecus Africanus, a baboon-like creature with a 500cc brain and Homo Erectus, an upright bi-pedal creature with a 1000cc brain.
The early Australopithecus Africanus was mostly a gatherer, eating primarily vegetables with small hands and a small brain. The later Homo Erectus was marked by a change in the pelvis making him faster and upright. Additionally the longer thumbs helped with the use of crude tools.

The next time your hunting buddies ask you how you made that great shot playing Big Buck Hunter, just simply reply that it's either your upright pelvis, your longer thumb, or your increased brain capacity(as denoted by your fantastically high forhead). And if they spent less time hunched over their barstool gathering peanuts with their small thumbs, they might understand.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Gotham goes GPS

In 1945 President Harry Truman established 'The Presidential Medal of Freedom' to recognize 'individuals who have made "an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, or to world peace, or to cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.'

I can not think of a greater service to the city of New York than has been provided by Drew of XXL BBQ.

Water? Who needs water?

On May 25th, 2008, NASA's Phoenix spacecraft landed in the northern polar region of Mars to begin three months of examining a site chosen for its likelihood of having frozen water within reach of the lander's robotic arm. The Phoenix's mission objectives are to study the history of water below the planet's surface and to determine if the Martian arctic soil could support life.

In response to the news of the discovery of water on Mars and the possibility of colonization on Mars, famed Science Fiction writer Ray Bradbury said:

"It's nice to know that water's there, because we're going to need water."

Now it seems to me that they've got it all mixed-up. They didn't need to go and spend $325 million dollars to find out that mars needs water. Everybody knows...Mars Needs Cattle.