Tuesday, May 4, 2010

BBH Open Season - Easter Egg (Part I)

You've displayed your Easter Egg prowess on Big Buck Safari, you've impressed your friends by magically making turtles and shrunken heads appear from midair.

Now you can extend your reign of wonder and amazement by showing them the ALL NEW easter eggs in Big Buck Hunter Open Season. Be the first on your block to whip out these little hidden wonders.

Here's todays Open Season Easter Egg:

1) Choose Mule Deer Adventure
2) On the second trek, go to the 5th site (lower right square)
3) When the scene starts, shoot the small rock in the grass
4) Start making chicken sounds


  1. It is looking very nice and funny i hope you had so much fun there.

  2. I just got into big buck hunter i am 13 and have the app on my i pod open season blew my mind away bison mountain goat and mule deer i love big buck hunter see you at the championship in 2010