Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mastering Site Versions

Site Versions - Just Like Alternate Realities (only better)

Ever notice how you can pick the same site each day and it seems to play out slightly differently? One time the buck might come from the right, and if you pick the same sight the next day, the same buck might come from the left. Hows come? What gives?
The answer is there are 4 different versions of each site. What’s the benefit of having different versions of sites? No doubt the biggest reason is so players can’t memorize all of them. Also, if 4 people start up a 4-player game, and they all chose the same site, no one will see the exact same version. That way there’s no advantage to going first or last. No one will see the exact same version as a previous player.

Tournament Site Versions - Groundhog Day
Versions work slightly different in tournament games. Versions are a little more predictable in tournament games. In a tournament game, choosing sites in the same order will always resort in the same site versions coming up. In other words, if you play 2 tournament games in a row, as long as you chose the sites in the same order, you will always see the same site versions. Like one big Déjà vu. As long as you repeat the same order, the same versions will always appear – just like groundhog day. This can be quite beneficial to an astute player. A player can experiment with different site orders to find the highest scoring versions. One site version might have more possible points than another version of the same site. Look for things like number of critters available, long distance shots, and ease of play. A few rounds of experimentation might reveal a set of versions that offer 500 – 1000 more possible points that another. That could result in a 10-place improvement in tournament standings. Also, if you know the exact versions of the sites that are going to come up, you can practice! You can learn how get your accuracy up by reducing your shot count. That could result in a few hundred more points. In the national tournament, adding a thousand points to your score could result in several hundred bucks in your pocket!

Tournament Site Versions - Day by Day

There is one giant caveat in regards to tournament site order. The site order changes everyday! That means the site order versions that come up one day will be different from the site order versions that come up another day. Each day is a fresh and new. What that means is that one day might allow you to find a site order that gives you some extra points, and as long as you play the sites in that order you will see the same versions ALL DAY LONG. But the next day the versions will be different. That means one day might allow a higher scoring order than the next day.
Confusing, but worth the effort.
The best thing one player can give to another player is information. “Hey brother, if you play the sites in order (4-2-1-5-3) you can get some really choice site versions today.” Now that’s love! So if you find a site order that allows some sweet point potentials…share the love. Tell a friend.

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  1. Pappy,
    I'm not one to disagree, but 4 players can have redundant boards. Seen this happen many times. Players are usually separated by another player, ie. player 1 and 3 might have the same board or player 2 and 4.

    Not all the time, but I have seen it happen.


    *It's not always bad to go last ;)