Friday, June 27, 2008

Biscuits & Gravy & Big Buck

Nothing says 'Good Morning' like a hot steamy cup of 'Big Buck Hunter'.

When in the course of human events someone is tempted to a night of frivolous skullduggery, the next morning can be a little rough. Chris Dimattia of Charleston, SC, has realized that from time to time, people may need a little help getting thru the morning after.

Chris owns a restaurant called 'The Recovery Room' (685 King St.) designed to help the morning-challenged make it through the morning after.

The Recovery Room offers cheap comfort food all day, specializing in breakfasts, served all day.

According to Rob Smith, of The Post and Courier:
"His joint supplies the perfect lubricants for last night's debauchery: Dark environs and great munchies, breakfast all day and bar fare. "

Finally, to stabilize patients before being discharged, The Recovery Room offers a game of 'Big Buck Hunter'. What better way to batten down your hatches and get prepared for the dog-eat-dog world than poppin' some critters in your favorite game?

Big Buck for Breakfast, this could be a new trend.

How do you Big Buck?

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