Monday, August 4, 2008

Tournament Tips

Thanks to the upcoming 2008 World Big Buck Championships, there is no better time to brush up on your game. With a grand prize of $10,000, there is sure to be a good deal of competition. Every point is going to matter and could mean the difference between qualifying and drowning dashed hopes with a beer. Yet all is not grim. A few quick points could help you advance to the regional championships.

Tip #1: Go Streaking
A max streak is a quick way to seperate you from the competition. A 5-streak nets you a quick 1500 points. That's 500 points more than a 4-streak. 900 points over a 3-streak. The difference is considerable considering this isn't even counting the points for those bucks. Downing all three bucks on each stand is your first step to victory. Even if it means sacrificing some accuracy, make sure those bucks don't get away. It takes a great deal to make up the difference between a 4-streak and a 5-streak.

Tip #2: Count on Critters
A single critter may not seem like much. Yet, even a mere 50 points can be enough to push you over the top. The real trick with critters is the increased gain the more of them you kill on each stand. While the first is only worth 50, the second is worth 100 points. Get a stand with 5 critters and they will net you an extra 750 points!! That's half the points earned for a 5-streak.

Tip #3: One shot, One kill
Accuracy may not seem that important, yet in a tournament, every last point can help. If you run a 50% accuracy over a 5-streak, you'll earn 750 points for accuracy. A 75% accuracy over a 5-streak is worth 1125 points. When it comes down to the wire, that 375 point difference becomes significant. Its even more important when it comes to the bonus. A double perfect is worth 2000 points, but if you miss even a single shot while hitting every target, you'll only get around 1600 points depending on the bonus. That's 400 points for a single shot. To improve your accuracy be sure to aim for those vital head and heart on bucks. Perhaps more importantly, for moving targets you need to lead your shot. Bullets take a small amount of time to reach your target. Aim where your target is going to be; not where they are.

Tip #4: Bigger Distance = Bigger Points
When it comes to your three bucks per stand, a long distance target is worth a significantly higher amount than one standing practically on top of you. A close buck may be worth 150-250 points, while a buck farther away could be worth 500-600 points. Some can even weigh in at over 700 points. That's a lot of points over 15 bucks. The trick here is to watch and learn the pathing. Those bucks that start off as easy marks may actually run a path that takes them farther away from you. That means more points if you have the patience to wait for a better shot.

Tip #5: Practice and Persistence
As the saying goes, practice makes perfect. Knowing the stands only comes from playing them several times over. Finding the optimal shots for squeezing the most points out of each buck isn't something that happens with a single attempt. Finding the stand order that has the most critters and the longest shots takes some experimentation. With multiple versions of each stand, it simply takes practice to become familiar with the game. Which brings us to another old saying, if at first you don't succeed, try, try again. Persistence pays off in the end. Most litteraly in the case of a $10,000 grand prize. That aside, consistent 5-streaks and one shot kills are a result of persistence. Dedicate your focus and results are sure to follow. A little persistence may be all you need to qualify for those regional championships.

Hopefully, these tips will push you ahead of the competition. Best of luck to everyone in the regional qualifiers.

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