Sunday, October 5, 2008

Meet the Playaz!

Here are the winners of the Regional Qualifying Tournaments:

Southern Division:

1st Place: Manny Donato

2nd Place: Chris Fortune

3rd Place: Cynthia Bingham

4th Place: Matt Budzisz (No Photo Available)

5th Place: Nick Meyers

Western Division

1st Place: Eddie Blake

2nd Place: Jason Smith

3rd Place: Daniel Anen

4th Place: JP Luiggi

5th Place: Santino Filipeli

Eastern Division

1st Place: Nick Rossi

2nd Place: Shelley Maasdorp

3rd Place: Matt Ramey

4th Place: Dave Williams

5th Place: Jaron Anderson

MidWestern Division

1st Place: Trevor Floren

2nd Place: Brett Godsey

3rd Place: Daniel Mundschau

4th Place: Nick Berg

5th Place: Jerad Berg

Congratulations to these Hunter Heroes, they have won spots to the Big Buck Hunter World Championships in Chicago on Oct 18th, where the winner will win $10,000! These players will play against the top 4 placers from the Big Buck Hunter International Open Tournament held immediately before the World Championships. If these players are not able to compete for any reason, alternates will be appointed from other regional finalists.

Good luck players!!

Click HERE for more details.

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