Saturday, October 25, 2008

Treks We'd Like to See

As the popularity of the Big Buck Hunter series continues to rise to a fever pitch, other forms of media hope to tie-in with the Big Buck Hunter series, as a way to re-ignite their dwindling buzz.

We at the porch, would like to recommend some possibilities for new treks for Big Buck Hunter Pro and Big Buck Safari. I'm sure any other license would be willing to pay big buxxx, to have a cross-licensing with the Big Buck Hunter juggernaut.

Just remember folks, you heard it here first!

'LOST' Adventure (Big Buck Safari)
A little visit to everybody's favorite hapless islanders.
Keep an eye out for the Smoke Monster Trophy Animal

Grand Theft Auto Adventure
(Big Buck Safari)
They've got drug dealers & hookers...
but WE'VE got moonshine and shrunken heads.

Ice Planet Hoth Adventure
(Big Buck Hunter)

Hobbiton Adventure
Try not to hit the hobbits...(please)

(Big Buck Hunter)

North Pole Adventure
(Big Buck Hunter)

Planet of the Apes Adventure
(Big Buck Safari)

Got any other ideas?

Let us know in the comments!

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