Friday, December 19, 2008

PlayMechanix launches!

PlayMechanix, Inc has just launched !
Much like, now players can find online Big Buck Safari games near you, and find Big Buck Safari tournaments near you as well.

Additionally, now the leaderboards show the player's picture as well. So now it's time for all you players to put up a picture on your player account!

To add a picture to your player account:

1) go to (note: soon this will be available from as well)

2) create a player account (if you already have a player account - skip to step 3)
  • Click on 'Register a Player Account' in the upper right corner

  • Enter your 10-digit login ID & Birthdate (just like you would at the game)

  • Enter your address & other info

  • Create a Web Login (i.e. email & password) This is what you will use to log back in to the web.

  • Click Register

  • You have now created a Player Account, now you can join a Hunting Party, check your stats, etc. etc.

3) Log-in to your player account. Enter your email & password in the upper right corner of the home page of

4) When your 'Trophy club' page comes up, click on 'My Account'

5) Click the 'Browse' button

6) Find your favorite photo of your ugly mug. (Note: image should be 100 x 125 and .jpg format)

7) Don't put up a picture of your butt. That's just rude. Besides, the folks at CoinUp will filter it out anyway.

Look for more functionality to get added to the site soon!

Now, go find an online Big Buck Safari near you, throw a score up on the tournament, and see your picture go up on the website. But you better hurry. The national tournament runs the 1st thru the 21st of each month, so this one ends on sunday!

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