Monday, December 22, 2008

OMG! Don't shoot Rudolph!!

Here's a little nugget of Christmas Cheer for all you big buck players out there. In the latest version of Big Buck Hunter Pro (version 1.00.06 but who's counting?), there's a new Christmas easter egg.

If you play any sort of online game between Dec 24th and Dec 31st, all the Caribou will have red noses.

See, Caribou and Reindeer are actually the same species (Rangifer tarandus). But you can't really call it 'Reindeer' in the Adventure Select screen. All the kids would cry.

Anyhoo, now while you're at your favorite Big Buck location, toasting your friends with a steamy mug of Christmas glog, you can enjoy some Big Buck Hunter with new rosy Christmas cheer.

What's that you say? Shooting Rudolph isn't very Christmas-y? ...Bah Humbug? NO, see, you're thinking of this all wrong. That's not Rudolph you're shooting. See, all the other mean reindeer are mocking Rudolph.

Remember how they wouldn't let him 'play in any reindeer games'? Well now you can avenge Rudolph. Or wait..., I know, pretend they're zombies, you know, like in that movie 28 days...they're coming to kill Santa & the elves, and you have to save Christmas.

Never mind, just play it.

If the online game you are playing doesn't have it yet, try again later. The new software might not have downloaded to that machine yet.

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