Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Buck Legends: How Thor got his groove back

Herman Hochegger and the Institute of Anthropological Research published the results of a 30-year study, titled "Hunting Rituals in Congolese Tradition, Vol 1". In the book he describes a number of complex hunting rituals, including rubbing lime on your forehead, asking a virgin to spit on your gun, and sacrificing a white hen for for any lapses in your pre-hunt abstinence.

While these rituals may or may not improve your Big Buck hunting scores, some Big Buck players have developed some hunting rituals of their own.

Recently, Thor Fox, of St. Louis Missouri discovered an online Big Buck Hunter Pro at his local Cabela's. However, he noticed that he could never play as well at the online game (at Cabela's) as he could at the offline game at his local bar. Try as he might, he remained in a funk. Finally it dawned on him that he needed to follow the same hunting rituals at the Cabela's as he did at his local bar. So finally, to get out of his funk, and get his groove back, he had to bring a six-pack with him to Cabela's, set up shop, and suck down the beers while he played. And Voila! instant hunter hero. At one point his scores began to lag... so...(like popeye) he had to go out and get more spinach beer, to get his groove back.

Thor, we have to respect a man who is so in tune with his inner hunter hero. We salute you. We are sending you your own 'Big Buck Hunter' beer sleeve, to keep those beers cold to keep your scores up.

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