Saturday, February 28, 2009

That's a heckuva shot!

We at Pappy's Porch would like to send out our congratulations to Alex Derhohannesian of New York, New York for taking 1st Place in Jungle Jam, the Big Buck Safari National Tournament. His score of 36323 pts, and perfect streak of 10 were very impressive, but even more impressive was his eye-popping 76% accuracy!

To better understand that feat, consider that there are 9 targets at each site (3 deer, 1 trophy animal & 5 critters). To obtain a 76% accuracy across 10 sites, you'd have to bring down all 9 targets in each site with less than 12 shots fired per site! Yikes!

Alex, we salute your high accuracy. Pappy says he thinks you got to be a crack shot from having to shoot all those letters in your last name when you login (he can be a bit surly sometimes).

We at the porch hope that for all you Big Buck players out there, that this brief story would serve as an inspiration to continue to aim high and to continue to improve your aiming skills.

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  1. Yes, that's creepy accurate. I'm still trying to get a couple of marksmanship awards....