Wednesday, May 20, 2009

NYMag Crowns Alex DerHohannesian

In a recent web feature, New York Magazine selected Alex DerHohannesian as 'da Champ' of the New York City Big Buck players (No doubt based on his recent appearance HERE at Porch).

You are definitely the best looking of that crowd.

We are always interested in collecting people's strategies and tips to pass on to other players. Pappy particularly liked your quote:

"It’s all about getting the right buzz, where I’m not that sober but I’m not totally sauced. You’ve got to capture and embrace that perfect four-to-seven-beer level."

- Alex DerHohannesian

We all appreciate the advice, ... although I'm not sure your mom is going to want to cut out that quote and pin it up on the fridge.


Newly-crowned Alex must have found that perfect four-to-seven-beer level last night as he just posted a massive 35,025 pt score on the Big Buck Safari National Trny "Tourney of Doom" to put him atop the leaderboard. His score was high enough and apparently so was he.


  1. In the magazine, he says he doesn't like to be totally "soft". We think that's what he really said.

  2. thanks anonymous i'm sure friend of mine that's most likely in my hunting party. AND THANK PAPPY'S PORCH FOR ACTUALLY GETTING THE QUOTE RIGHT!!!!

    at first i said 6-12 beer level, then i realized my parents do get NY mag, so i toned it down. thanks papps.

  3. the second half of his quote was gud too: "That gets the lead in the air and the meat on the ground." witty. i enjoyed it sufficiently to remember how to spell his name for the 5 minutes it took to come to my computer and google it, and then post this comment. so there you have it. rah rah for alex derhohannesian