Monday, November 10, 2008

Big Buck Safari goes ONLINE

The warmup is over. You've had six months to hone your safari skills, now it's time for the big show. Now when you log-in to a Trophy-Club game on Big Buck Safari, you'll be able to see the national best scores, your personal best scores, and the scores of your hunting party.

In addition, you'll be able to play for cash and prizes too. The First Big Buck Safari National Tournament is slated to begin on Dec. 1st, 2008. Talk is cheap, now we'll find out who really IS King Shaka Zulu.

Any Big Buck Safari game can be easily converted into an online game. If you play at a location where the Big Buck Safari is NOT online, gently remind the establishment that you would like to play Big Buck Safari Online... then take a cocktail waitress hostage.

See you on the leaderboards!

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