Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Sizing up a Tournament

Can't decide to play a tournament or not?

Frozen in indecision?

Here's some ways to help you decide:

1) Check the prizes:

On the 'Select A Tournament' screen, you can see the prizes by pulling the pump on the shotgun. Check the loot. Visualize you winning the loot. Be the ball, Danny.

2) Check the dates

Usually the dates are listed somewhere on the tournament graphics. If the tournament has been going for awhile, you can size your self up against the other players.

3) Check the price

Typically the prices for tournaments are around this:

1 Trek - $3, 2 Treks - $4, 3 Treks - $5

A 2-Trek tournament is a pretty good deal for $4, considering that 2 Online Treks normally costs $3. So for a dollar more you've got a shot at the prize pool.

Plus, you've got to help support the operator who's running the tournament. If you show him that there's a strong base of Big Buck players ready to play, he'll keep bringing the tournaments, and new game updates. Let's show the operators that Big Buck Players are the best kind of players in the world!

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