Thursday, November 4, 2010

Big Buck World - New Adventures

Here is some info about the upcoming Big Buck World game...

Now pay attention, cuz Pappy had to get some folks mighty likker'd up to find out this info.

As you know, Big Buck World contains 2 games in one: (Big Buck Hunter Open Season & Big Buck Safari Outback) So you can pick either game.

The Big Buck Safari Outback game is an update to Big Buck Safari. It contains 3 all-new Adventures. Here are the new Adventures:

Ibex Adventure (Northern Africa)

Rusa Deer Adventure (Australia)

Blackbuck Adventure (India)


  1. Here's a video from YouTube of Big Buck World!

  2. Need the easter eggs posted for big buck worlds three new sites.

  3. Ibex, 3rd Trek, 1st site. Shoot the tree branch, upper left side of screen for hidden bonus.

  4. Rusa Deer, 2nd trek, 2nd site. Shoot the rock on lower right side for hidden bonus.

  5. Ibex, 3rd Trek. 1st site. Shoot the tree branch in upper left corner for hidden bonus.

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