Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Why not have it all?

We at Pappy's Porch recognize (this being election day) that you have difficult choices to make:

'Who buys the next round?'

'Who should you bum $5 off for your next game of Big Buck?"

'Should you go find a Big Buck Hunter Open Season -or- Big Buck Safari?

We understand that these are weighty matters. That's why we are pleased to announced that now Big Buck World offers BOTH GAMES IN ONE CABINET!!

Now you can alternate between playing your 2 favorite games without having to take a single step.

Wow! It's like having Beer AND Pretzels!

It's like having BOTH your girl friends in the same place! ...uh... wait... maybe that's not such a good example.

Anyway, you get the idea

Here's the first Game Select screen from the new Big Buck World game:

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  1. Here's a video from YouTube of Big Buck World!