Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Big Buck World - New Feature: Team Play

Big Buck World introduces a new gameplay feature called Team Play, or 2-on-2 shootout mode.
In Team Play, 2 players (Green Team) take on 2 other players (Orange Team) in competitive shootout mode. First Green Team player 1 takes on Orange Team player 1, then Green Team player 2 takes on Orange Team player 2. Green Team's scores are added up and compared against Orange Team's score at the leaderboard.

This mode combines teams and competition in one mode. You can play with one friend and against another. Each member of each team still plays all the gameplay (5 sites & bonus per trek). This mode is only available in Big Buck World. It's available within the Opens Season side of Big Buck World, and the Big Buck Safari Outback side of Big Buck World.

Find a wingman, Find a Big Buck World game and check out Team Play!



  1. Oh, man! Derho, this is reason enough for me to move back to New York.

  2. Here's a video from YouTube of Big Buck World!