Thursday, April 16, 2009

Big Buck - the Miracle Drug

I know it seems that after playing Big Buck for several hours, things seem to get fuzzier and fuzzier. ...That might have something to do with all those beer rounds between sites. Because according to a recent research article from the Brain and Cognitive Sciences Dept at University of Rochester, playing Video Games can actually IMPROVE your vision. Hey, I didn't make this up, some brainiacs in a lab room proved it. Face it, your mom was wrong... staring at a monitor can improve your vision.

So, next time you've stayed out too late, and had too many... and that girl or guy is starting to look better and better thru your beer goggles... you'd better play a little more Big Buck so you can see for realz.

This will be particularly helpful in finding our Hidden Easter Eggs in this months Big Buck Safari National Tournament.

Just 4 Days Left!

Get Hunting!!

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