Friday, April 24, 2009

Hunting Party Spotlight - On the Rocs

We hear from folks all the time that say they are hardcore Safari players, however there is a group of people in Robinsonville, MS that are truly dedicated to Big Buck Safari. The "On the Rocs" Hunting Party (Hunting Party is a feature in Trophy Club, which is exclusive to online machines) brought down the most amount of bucks last month (over 12,000) and they have already shattered that number in the month of April. These 7 individuals play at the "On the Rocs" in Robinsonville, MS and the core of the group has been Christer Anderson, Chris Hight and Chris Wellen. They were hardcore before, but Big Buck Safari helped them recruit more players because the trio asked them to "Try it once".

These folks put up ridiculous numbers and in the last Safari Tournament 5 of them were in the Top 10. The "On the Rocs" crew is competitive with each other but they would love to play against other Hunting Parties. Since many of them work in the Casinos around Tunica, they can help you find accommodations. They have the days and nights planned out for their Big Buck guests and they want to everyone saying "Really?" by the end of the trip.

Does your Hunting Party deserve the spotlight, write to us and let us know.

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