Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The stuff of Legends

Everyone has a Big Buck story.

Now, your Big Buck story might just make you a legend.

Play Mechanix has announced a 'Big Buck Legends' contest. Players are asked to submit their Big Buck story in the form of a short video uploaded to YouTube.

Maybe you named your firstborn 'Boy Howdy'. Maybe you re-wrote your wedding vows to include the phrase: 'No such thing as a bad day to hunt'. Whatever your story, write it up, get your video camera out, record it, put it up on YouTube, and send the link to The Grand Prize winner will of course receive a befitting trophy, but more importantly you will be bestowed the title 'Big Buck Legend' with all the fame, glory & privileges therein.

Flee mediocrity, seize your potential. Become enshrined as a Big Buck Legend.
Send in your story today! Play Mechanix has agreed to allow us here at Pappy's Porch to post a number of the top entries. So even if you don't win the Grand Prize, you may still be able to make a stop in to the porch, and have a sip of Pappy's Moonshine.

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