Friday, April 10, 2009

Player Accounts for Dummies

In order to use any of the online features of Big Buck Hunter or Big Buck Safari, you must first log-in to your Player Account. Whether you want to compete in a tournament, track your stats, challenge your friends or join a hunting party... you must first have a Player Account. Here are some simple steps to understanding Player Accounts.

1) Find an Online game
You can create a Player Account at your favorite Big Buck Hunter or Big Buck Safari game, as long as the game is an online game that is currently connected to the CoinUp Network. The simple way to tell if it's connected is to look for the CoinUp logo in the lower left hand corner of the screen. The color of the logo and the number of bars beneath it give you information about the connection (details HERE).

2) Create a Player Account
Once you have found an online game, you are ready to create a Player Account. Start the game as you normally would, however, after selecting whether you want to play a single trek or whole adventure, you will be given an option to play a 'Trophy Club' game. Shoot the 'Trophy Club' button. This means that your stats will be recorded and forever attached to your Player Account. Once you have paid, the game will ask you if you currently have a Player Account. Assuming this is your first time, you would select 'No' , after which the game will ask you to create a Player Account. In order to create a Player Account, you need to enter a 10-digit number that you can always remember, and the month and date of your birth. If you are a security freak, you can enter whatever fake-o numbers you like, you just have to always remember them. I suggest you enter your actual cell phone number and your actual birthday. That way, even if you've had a few brewskis, you can still remember it, or call up your mum and ask her. Besides, what are you afraid of? Are you afraid Pappy's going to call you up and wish you a happy birthday? Once you enter your 10-digit code, and your birthdate, the game will check and make sure it's unique (do you have a twin with the same birthday and phone number?). If it is unique, it will ask you for your first and last name. This name will show up now every time you log in. It might seem really funny to call yourself 'Hugh Janus', but you have to use your legal name in order to claim any prizes. Once you have completed this, the game will create your account. Congratulations! You now have a Player Account. Every time you play a Trophy Club or Tournament game, if you log-in with those same numbers, the game will show you your stats (Averages, Personal Bests, etc.). You can play both Big Buck Hunter and Big Buck Safari with the same Player Account. All your scores are attached to your one account, so when you play BBH you see your BBH stats, and when you play BBS you see your BBS stats.

Tired of entering your 10-digit number & birthdate each time? Get a Player Card. If you purchase a Player Card, you just have to swipe the card to log-in. It saves you from having to shoot in your 10-digit code & birthdate every time. It costs around $3 but is totally worth it. You can purchase it at the game by shooting the picture of the card in the lower right hand corner of the 'Welcome to Trophy Club' screen (after logging-in).

3) Viewing your Player Account on the Web
Once you've created a Player Account at the game, you can continue to play Trophy Club games and Tournament games to your hearts content. However, there's even more functionality and features you can unlock thru the Web. You don't have to, but assuming you are reading this on the Web, I'm going to guess that you probably would want to.
In order to view your Player Account on the Web you need to create a Web Login for your Player Account. This is called registering your Player Account. You can register a Player Account at either or Both sites will work off the same Player Account. In order to register your Player Account (you only have to do this once) just click on the small button that says 'register' in the upper right hand corner of the web page. That will bring you to a registration page. Here you will enter 1) your 10-digit number that you enter at the game 2) the birthdate you enter at the game 3) an email address to use for your Web log-in and 4) a password to use for your Web log-in. Now again you can use fake email here, but there is a notice that goes out from Play Mechanix once a month that tells you about tournaments, promotions and other opportunities coming up. The once a month email is definitely worth giving up a real email address. After you've registered your Player Account on the Web, you can now log-in any time. You can see your Personal Bests and Lifetime Totals for all adventures and sites, you can compare your scores against National Bests and National Averages. You can follow how you're doing in Local and National Tournaments, you can FIND Local and National Tournaments near you (with maps). And you can Join Hunting Parties. More on Hunting Parties HERE.

4) Put up a cool picture
Once you log-in to the Web, click on the 'My Profile' tab. Then click on the 'Edit My Account' link right below your name. This lets you change any typos you might have made, maybe you mispelled your name in a drunken stupor at your favorite bar. This is the place to fix it. Also, this is a spot to upload a picture of you. Most of the time your name is mentioned on the web, it will show your picture next to your name. It's nice to see the faces next to all the names on the leaderboard. Don't upload a picture of your butt, because that's just rude. Besides, the people at Play Mechanix will filter it out anyway.

5) Create a Hunting Party
If you have a group of friends you always play Big Buck with, you should form a Hunting Party. Once you form a Hunting Party with your friends, everytime you play a Trophy Club or Tournament game, you can see your friends scores at every site. This way you can compete with your friends to have the best score at each site. Also, the word is that coming soon from Play Mechanix, you will be able to issue challenges to other people in your Hunting Party, (think Hunting Party Tournaments).

That's it! Play Mechanix has lots of cool Web & Game features currently in the works. Look for them to hit soon.


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