Sunday, June 8, 2008

Hunting Parties - raising smack-talk to new heights

One of the greatest additions to the Big Buck Hunter legacy came with the addition of Hunting Parties. Hunting Parties were introduced in the Online version (check to find Online versions near you).

Hunting Parties allows you to compete with your friends even when you are playing alone. Once you form a hunting party (via the web) with your friends, every time you play a Trophy Club or Tournament game, your friends scores will be shown at every site. You can compare your scores to your friends scores at every site. Even if your friend plays alone over lunch, when he plays, he will be forced to undergo the shame and humiliation of seeing your massive score above his lowly score.

What better way to mock and belittle your friends even when you're not there? Now you can PWN them without even being there in person. Even when my friends no longer can stand to be around me and sneak off to play Big Buck Hunter Pro behind my back, they'll still see my scores...Wait..I mean..IF my friends didn't like me.

Also, you can create a name and a motto for your hunting party. Now provides a home page for every hunting party, complete with your own message board to further taunt your friends.

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