Thursday, June 5, 2008

BBH Players Needed!

The Wilton Villager reports that the town of Wilton, Connecticut has been overrun by deer. The city estimates that there are over 70 deer per square mile. The city also reports that other animal species and even tree growth has been negatively effected by the oversized deer population. First Selectman Bill Brennan says "We have to make a dent in the deer population if we want to reduce Lyme Disease."

Patricia Sesto, the town's Environmental Affairs Director told the Board of Selectman at their June 2nd meeting that this year hunters will be urged to shoot 'just one more deer'. The Wilton Villager reports that last year, hunters were able to take 129 deer. But are hoping for a much higher figure this year.

What this town needs is a certain caliber of hunter. A 'Big Buck Hunter'. That's why I'm putting out an all-points bulletin for all Big Buck Players out there to come to Wilton, Connecticut to help with their deer problem. I know that Big Buck Players are big-hearted and charitable citizens. And I know that many of them will rise up to help their fellow Connecticutters with this public service.

Secondly, this town needs to be trained to be more efficient hunters. I'd like to point out that according to there are a number of Big Buck Hunter games within a few miles, including MJ Foogans in Haverstraw, NY.

Good luck Hunters, and remember, "there's no such thing as a bad day to hunt."

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