Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Logs & Frogs

The news is full of stories regarding the dangers of Frog Hunting.

The Times of India reports of more arrests and crackdowns by Indian Police for illegal frog hunting.

Big Buck Hunter is one place where Frog Hunting is legal - and very beneficial.

It seems Big Buck Hunter has one hidden easter egg. In the first site of the first level of Elk, there's a log on the left edge of the screen. If you shoot the log, a frog will hop up on the log. You can shoot the frog up to 4 times (just like the frog flippin' bonus) - and get credit for 4 extra critter shots. This can add up to quite a lot if you also get the birds.

How to Get the Secret Frog:
1. Select 'Elk' Adventure
2. On the 'Select Your Site' screen of the first trek, shoot the site all the way to the left
3. Shoot the log on the left edge of the screen
4. Out comes the frog!
5. Shoot it up to 4 times if you can.

(If you time it just right you can get 4 frog hits + some birds + all 3 deer!)

Try it your self. Only don't let the Indian Police see you.

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