Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Big Buck Safari - Lexicon

If you have ever wondered what some of the phrases the new african announcer is saying in the Big Buck Safari game, here's some of the sound calls that we have researched.

Developers from Play Mechanix (the makers of the game) say that the speech list was made using consultants from various areas of Africa, including South Africa, Liberia & Nigeria.

"King Shaka would be proud" - King Shaka (pictured left*) was the King of the Zulu Nation, ruling the Zulu clan at the time of it's greatest victories. He led their growth from a small clan into the dominant power of coast of south-east Africa.

"He's King of the Kraal" - Kraal is an Afrikaans word for an enclosure for cattle or other livestock, located within an African homestead or village surrounded by a mud wall or other fencing, roughly circular in form.

"That's Kubwa Saana" - Kubwa Saana is Swahili for 'very big'.

"That's Kaganga" - Kaganga is a tribal slang for 'big'

"Big like the Marula" - Marula (scelerocarya birrea) - is a large African Tree, growing over 18m tall with a wide crown.

I believe those are the only 'african' words, the rest seem to be English words.

*Shaka Zulu - as played by Henry Cele in Shaka Zulu (1987)

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